You’re about to experience 13 proven reasons why I quit following Veganism (the diet and the lifestyle). If you’re either curious about Veganism, on the fence with Vegan transition, or if you’re questioning whether your Vegan diet/lifestyle truly suits you in every way vs. suiting the beliefs of someone else, this raw and unfiltered post will benefit you.




Truth About Veganism


This post is an unfiltered expression of my personal experience as a Vegan (now an ex-Vegan) but, this post covers more than my truth about Veganism. So, when “Vegan” is mentioned here, it’s solely used as a point of reference because this post isn’t intended to call out specific diets, lifestyles, or trends, nor generalize the people who follow them, nor determine whether these beliefs are  “good” or “bad”. 

These decisions are always up to the individual making them (you) and it’s not up to me nor someone else to think, act, or decide for you because it’s your right to not allow yourself to be distracted by the beliefs of others which ultimately, takes you away from living and creating your OWN life purpose, (as mentioned later in this post).

Before you go on, I invite you to leave behind any personal, emotional, or mental attachments toward the beliefs/diets/lifestyles that will be presented because you will benefit more if have your own life experiences determine if you can relate with what I share.

If you have a true open mind and are known to actively think, act, and decide for yourself, you will begin this experience challenged and stimulated, but you will leave refreshed and inspired.

Let’s begin.

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1.) Being Vegan Doesn’t All Of A Sudden Make Someone More “Spiritual” Than Others

As an ex-Vegan who did this (and observing MANY Vegans who were falling into the same mentality) I used to look down upon non-Vegans who didn’t perceive life the way I did, partake in the activities I did, or eat the way I did.

I realized very quickly that if I truly wanted to live a triumphant lifestyle, this childish mentality of egoic superiority and separation would have to be left behind, or life would leave me behind.

Someone recently showed me the following video and, at first, I had a lot of uncomfortable cognitive dissonance because it “made fun of” (in reality, it shed light on) my views by showing me in a humorous way how I was portraying myself to other people as a Vegan.

I now LOVE this video because it made me lighten up on my outlook on life and it also humorously supported my decision on why I stopped being Vegan in the first place!

Have you experienced what he sheds light on?

At the time of being a hard core Vegan, my ego was satisfied when I thought I had my life figured out, so much so that I thought I knew what was best for others where I actually judged others based upon my own decisions…


But, life gave me a hard wake up call that made me realize that when I “thought” I knew everything, was the exact moment when I knew the least.

On the other end, once I firmly decided to have an open mind, exhibit tolerance, and show respect toward all people’s perspectives, beliefs, and view points, my life did a complete turnaround for the better and it has never been the same since.

Since moving away from Veganism, I am now more fulfilled, have greater peace of mind, and I’m attracting people who treat me the same way too.

Looking back, I honestly wasn’t a Vegan because I thought it was best for me, because deep down, I knew it wasn’t. 

Admittedly, I was one and stayed one because I looked at all of the “spiritual” people I knew becoming Vegan and I thought,

“There MUST be some truth to it… Why would this many conscious people be doing the same thing if it wasn’t good… Right?”

I too thought there was some sort of correlation with Spirituality & True Health with Veganism… But, from my many experiences, I was dead wrong.

Looking at my journey from a bird’s eye view, I learned that it’s easy to partake in something that the world sees as “spiritual” but this isn’t what true spirituality actually is…

Having the crowd think for you is actually called following “Social Proof” and that’s exactly what I was doing as a Vegan. 

From this, I learned that true spirituality is more about paving your own path and expressing it, despite of what others are blindly following or believe to be the “right and only way”.

I also learned that true spirituality isn’t about following a set of ideological lifestyle standards or beliefs outside of your own creation, let alone following beliefs that contradict themselves in many ways (mentioned later).

Actually, spirituality has nothing to do with what you believe in to begin with; beliefs are a by-product of who you are, and omitting who you are, unfiltered, I learned, is true spirituality.


Another insight I gained on this journey of creating my own lifestyle vs. living someone else’s, was that no matter how good sounding the ideals may be (for any belief system),

once you start giving power to “facts of ultimate truth”, especially to the point where you actually start ridiculing others because they don’t believe in the same things as you, is the point where you start losing touch with your innate purpose of unity and oneness with each other!

In reality,

2.) Facts Are One of The Most Unreliable Foundations To Base An Opinion On

A common occurrence I observed in the Vegan community was that especially if it wasn’t asked for, Vegans were quick to give me “facts” on what I should believe in, partake in, and eat, and they were even more quick to give me reasons on why.

They based their unwanted preaching upon the universal “truths” they presented, and this, it seemed, entitled them to going so far as to shun other people’s perspectives, let alone refuse to be open minded enough to listen to them if it differed from their views.

In reality, this is what I saw taking place:


Do you remember the once tested and irrefutable “fact” that Earth was the center of the Universe?…

It’s clear that even facts are subject to change, as everything else in life does.

From this, I learned that some people attach their personal identity to facts and belief systems so much so, that if anyone says anything contrary to it or even brings up a challenging belief against it, they begin to refuse it and even attack others because what was presented was a literal personal attack on their weak sense of identity.

Have you ever experienced someone that did ^this to you?

It became clear to me that there’s a HUGE difference between being proud of attaching to a title vs. being proud of being the change you want to see, regardless of the title you attach to.

Here’s an example illustrating what I mean:

Someone having  #Vegan #AnimalRights #Compassion #Spirituality #Conscious #Oneness #Indigo on their social media profiles but in real life, some of these people don’t offer compassion enough to appreciate and respect other people’s beliefs enough to listen to them or refrain from ridicule…

This is only one of many painfully obvious contradictions I’ve noticed in these radical lifestyles.

Have you experienced any more?

It was obvious to me that there’s nothing “wrong” or “right” with taking pride in something, but there is something limiting about having what you take pride in control your experience and the interactions you have with others, which ultimately causes severe superiority and separation, which again, is the opposite of what “spirituality” actually is.

Again, this post isn’t intended to generalize any certain group of people who believe in certain beliefs/diets/lifestyles because obviously, not everyone acts and thinks this way toward others.

Though, I have noticed and have partaken (so I know it exists) in condescending attitudes toward others just because I was a Vegan and just because others weren’t.

I literally thought that everyone should be a Vegan and if they weren’t, they were severely “unconscious”, unhealthy, and couldn’t possibly be spiritual…

But in reality, who was the more unconscious one?

It’s painful to even be real with myself that I used to act this foolish toward myself and others!

From this personal experience, life taught me that:

3.) There’s No ONE Supreme Diet, Lifestyle, or Belief System Every Person Should Follow; This Is Called Dogma

Have you ever experienced someone that treated you this way:

“If you don’t believe what I say, you’re instantly wrong and I’m not going to listen to anything else you have to say because I know THE truth…”


“This is the Vegan club. The foolish Vegetarians who are too weak-willed to make the change to Veganism should go over there, and the unconscious Meat Eaters who are the only ones killing the planet aren’t invited…”

Here’s a perspective (from a Vegan) who also sees this unnecessary drama happening in the Vegan Community:

I agree with the video and I’m sure you’ve probably ran into some people like who she mentioned a couple times in your life.

This radical seclusion and superiority mentality is literally what a cult is, and from separating myself from extremist Veganism, I realized for myself that it seemed I was part of a cult and didn’t even realize it until I stopped.

(I’ll show proof of what I mean later.)

Again, I mention “extremists” because like the woman in the above video, there are Vegans who don’t preach their beliefs on others, there are Vegans who respect other people’s decisions, and there are Vegans who show compassion no matter to what race, religion, creed, life-form etc.

But, what I experienced more commonlyvis that there are Vegans that don’t do this and there are Vegans that tend to go more toward the hard core, “everyone should believe in what I believe in” side.

Here’s another video (by Vegans) giving a wake up call to other Vegans that act distasteful toward others.

I learned that if you want others to accept and respect your beliefs, a great place to start is by not shoving it down other people’s throats:

To be real, I had to ask myself this:

Was I commonly experiencing these types of people because I also was this person, and my environment just simply reflected and attracted who I was?

I thought about that and it does hold truth.

Though, even when I took a step back and disassociated myself from this trend and the people who acted this way toward myself and others, I still observed this distasteful and condescending approach Vegans projected to many people that “weren’t like them”.

Through this experience, I learned that:

4.) Narcissists Despise In Others Who They Are Deep Down

Ever heard of anti-gay politicians who later come out of the closet?

The study of repressed emotions, beliefs, and thought patterns and it’s unhealthy yet inevitable projection upon other people relates here.

In other words,

If someone is severely against anything but Veganism and against people who eat animal products, there’s a high chance that deep down, they actually desire to partake in what they’re against, but something in them (or outside of them) is causing them not to.


This is Carl Jung Depth Psychology 101.

When I was a Vegan, I didn’t really see this insight, nor at the time, did I care to because I was too caught up in my own beliefs while I was developing false, surface level “connections” with other Vegans who believed in the same external idea I did.

And actually, the following is exactly what happened when I “came out” of the Vegan closet and simply shared to my “friends” why I wasn’t a Vegan anymore (you can click the tweet to view it in full):

I’ll mention this later, but Vegan hormonal irregularities,  nutritional deficiencies,  or  neurotransmitter imbalances (did you know that there’s such thing as a dopamine deficiency?) may be the reason why they were outraged to my own lifestyle choice and reacted the way they did, because I couldn’t possibly figure out another reason why they were so distastefully upset for my own decision…

From this, I realized that everyone has the divine right to choose, believe, and think for themselves, and it feels amazing to exercise this right!

Just like a song doesn’t have only one note, if everyone believed in the same thing, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose and unique beauty of life?

And off of this,

5.) What Makes Something Conscious or Unconscious Anyway?

Does being Vegan all of a sudden make someone conscious?

Does eating meat all of a sudden make someone unconscious?

In reality, you can be Catholic, Jewish, gay, homophobic, or as a Vegan would think is the worst of them all, an “unconscious meat eater” and you can be equally or more so conscious as someone else who partakes in “spiritual sounding” activities and ideologies.

In other words, believing in a certain set of spiritual sounding things (such as Veganism) doesn’t automatically deem someone conscious or unconscious.

What makes someone conscious or unconscious just simply has to do with the ability to be aware of the present moment and to make decisions with conscious intent.

That’s it.

You don’t need to partake in what’s seen as “spiritual” such as crossing your legs to meditate, burning incense, getting sacred geometry tattoos, getting tarot readings, knowing your astrology sign, holding crystals, reciting chants etc. to be conscious.

Side Note: Have you ever seen the hilarious video on how to be “Ultra Spiritual”? (It’s another good video to watch because you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously where you can’t laugh at yourself and even learn something in the process!)

All in all, someone can eat meat, watch movies, and drink alcohol and be a lot more spiritual than one who partakes in spiritual sounding activities but who acts derogatorily toward others.

Now, lets change directions.

Another reason I wasn’t finding a balance or a sense of peace in being Vegan was because it was very difficult to cater to all three of these aspects (morals, health, and money) at the unrealistically high (neurotic and perfectionist) standards I set for myself, but on the contrary, it still didn’t feel right to sacrifice one in order to maintain the other two.

I was stuck.

But, you’ll learn how I found balance and peace of mind between all three of them and how you can too.

6.) Veganism Has Too Many Proven and Widely Experienced Deficiencies

Would you agree, that different cultures eat different foods?

If you thought “yes that’s true”,

then have you also noticed that every culture believes their food choice is “the best” because why else would they actively choose to eat it if they didn’t believe it was indeed, “the best”… Right?

It’s great to decide what you feel is best for yourself, I’m all for it, but how about when it comes to deciding what’s best for others?

From my experience being Vegan, it seemed that eating any food that wasn’t Vegan was considered unconscious, unhealthy, will cause an acidic environment in your body, is killing the planet and *insert a number of other common personal and global problems that were somehow caused by not being Vegan, but all of a sudden solved by being one.

Looking back, I actually laugh at how ridiculous it was to believe in this notion about Veganism being the savior of ALL things, as many people still actively believe and preach.

Again, if it seems uncomfortable to read what I’ve been presenting, just know that as someone who was this person and also knew others exactly like this (and worse) I know that these things have been happening everyday.

You can take it or leave it but nothing is going to change if you don’t strive to see all sides of the story!

Changing directions again, here’s:


Here’s a list of abundant aspects in a Vegan diet that are poisonous for our health (the symptoms, intolerances, and muscle wasting I used to go through shows that yes indeed, these are harmful, and yes indeed, it’s hard to be Vegan and not eat these):

1.) Phytic Acid, found in nuts, beans, lentils, rice, wheat, (and most of the Vegan sources of protein you’ll see listed in the infographic below) is an anti-nutrient and known to impair mineral absorption.

2.) I don’t know where to begin with expressing how poisonous Soy it is to humans so here’s a list from that article: 

  • 250% increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Brain shrinkage and premature deterioration
  • Produces steroidal hormones
  • Produces estrogen-like compounds
  • Vascular dementia
  • Decreases brain calcium-binding proteins
  • Early puberty in girls and retarded physical maturation in boys
  • Unnatural menstrual patterns in women
  • Malnutrition – soybeans have potent enzyme inhibitors
  • Reduced protein digestion

3.) This is the most in-depth article I could find on why grains/wheat is unhealthy, toxic, and tearing up your gut lining (my direct experience attests to this).

Now, here’s a small list of absolutely essential nutrients, precursors, amino acids etc. the human body needs and cannot thrive without but either is not found at all on a Vegan diet, in extremely deficient amounts, or in ways our body can’t rapidly utilize and digest (called bio-availability).

1.) The amino acid Proline “Helps the body break down proteins for use in creating healthy cells in the body. It is absolutely essential to the development and maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissues, especially at the site of traumatic tissue injury.”

Since bio-available Proline is mostly found in Collagen, it is deficient in Vegan diets.

2.) From this article, the amino acid Glycine excels at:

  • helping build lean muscle mass
  • preventing scaropenia (muscle loss, muscle wasting or deterioration)
  • playing a role in the production of human growth hormone
  • boosting mental performance and memory
  • helping prevent strokes and seizures
  • protecting skin from signs of aging or cellular mutations
  • protecting collagen in joints and reducing joint pain
  • improving flexibility and range of motion
  • stabilizing blood sugar and lowering risk for type 2 diabetes
  • improving sleep quality

Again, Glycine is found in Collagen containing foods  and is commonly deficient on a Vegan diet.

3.) Glutathione is the strongest and most potent antioxidant known, but it’s deficient in a Vegan diet because it’s mostly found in bio-available Whey protein.

4.) Bio-available protein consists of protein our body can rapidly absorb, digest, and assimilate for proper function. Most if not all Vegan protein cannot compare to the high BV value that animal products have.

5.) Cholesterol (direct precursor to testosterone) through years of research and asking around, I’ve yet to find a Vegan source of healthy cholesterol (found highly in eggs). Cholesterol is also essential for adrenal health because all of your adrenal hormones are actually made by cholesterol.

6.) Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, yet it is not found at all on a Vegan diet. This can be easily solved if you incorporate bone broth into your overall diet.

7.) Creatine is involved in supplying ATP for muscle contractions. Aside from synthesized supplement Creatine, natural amounts of Creatine (high enough for health benefits) are not possible on a Vegan diet.

8.) Vitamin K2 is known to help reduce inflammation, blood clotting, and improve testosterone levels. Yet, Vitamin K2 (again, in ways our body can actually use) are only found in grass-fed animal products such as Beef and Cheeses. 

9.) Vitamin B12  is essential for the health of our nervous system. But, Vitamin B12 is the most deficient nutrient in the Vegan diet and is the leading nutrient deficiency in the world. Again, B12 is not generally found in Vegan foods but it is found in high amounts in animal products.

10.) The fatty acid DHA is essential for brain health and is effective in alleviating allergies, type 2 diabetes, helps prevent cancer, and macular degeneration. But, quality DHA is only found in fatty fishes and fish oils and these powerful omega 3s are deficient in a vegan/vegetarian diet.

11.) Zinc a trace metal, is paramount for hormonal balance (especially optimal testosterone levels) and numerous other biochemical pathways we cannot live or thrive without. The top source of bio-available zinc is found in Oysters, and the second best source (but not as bio-available) is Pumpkin Seeds.

Note: The thing about Pumpkin Seeds is that I and many other people I’ve known have had problems digesting them. Have you?

As a Vegan, I didn’t even know some of these nutrients existed!

Me missing out on all or even just some of these essential nutrients was limiting the goals I had for my health (to live optimally) and it also made me realize:

7.) The Purpose of A Healthy Diet Is To Enhance Your Health, Not Restrict or Limit It

When you have to start supplementing your diet instead of getting the nutrition you need from a well rounded one, it should really make you question if what you’re eating (or not) is best for you.

Yes, I’m not a Vegan anymore, but I still enjoy being plant based, not plant dependent to the point where I have to start supplementing.

We’re supposed to be whole within ourselves if we want to truly make an impact on our own life and our own planet. We can’t be pasted together (literally and figuratively) and expect to see the fruits of our labor to be any different.

Realizing this also made me think:

8.) Is Health Caused by Eating Healthy Food or Is Eating Healthy Food A By-Product of Being Healthy?

Someone can be healthier and more at peace with themselves who consistently and consciously eats animal products than someone who eats the Vegan diet but who has a poor mental attitude toward themselves and/or others.

If you’ve ever read “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, his writings illustrated that happiness and peace of mind has nothing to do with the environment you’re in, what you eat, or what you do.

The same insight can and should be applied to health.

From not partaking in an optimal diet (for my own body, because again, I can’t speak for others) as a Vegan, I learned that:


Some people have only experienced a shadow of what true health really is.

We were taught that food (or other externals) is what causes dis-ease and/or health but, here’s a challenging perspective that illustrates what true health actually is and where dis-ease actually comes from:

If a cancer patient deeply desires through vivid thought, feeling, and acceptance to not be healed, and also, doesn’t desire to accept any healing remedies that are presented such as a regimen of THC, an alkaline diet, adequate exercise, urine therapy, and/or adequate fresh air

These healing modalities would do nothing more than a sugar pill during a study illustrating the placebo effect would.

In other words, does the healer heal the patient or does the patient heal themselves through the healer? 

Here’s the answer: The doctor dresses the wound. God heals it.


Lets now observe a more common and relatable example:

In truth, eating Meat or animal products doesn’t cause dis-ease or the world’s problems…. It never has, it never will.


It’s because we the people (and our inner environment) are responsible for dis-ease/health and it’s we the people who are responsible for our environment and the way the world is functioning.

Believing something outside of ourselves to cause something in our experience is called “External Causation” and it goes against what we know about mind dynamics (the power of the subconscious mind).

All in all, the first cause of all things is within our mind (thought) and the effect is then projected upon the screen of space (your experience).

It cannot be the other way around. A seed can’t bare fruit if it’s not first planted.

So, eating meat doesn’t cause someone cancer…

What causes someone cancer (or any dis-ease) is having cancerous thoughts that are magnified by the force of emotion and acceptance, which then plants these seeds in the subconscious mind, which then sprouts into the experience. (Within first, without second.)

The same principle applies to money not being inherently good or evil outside of how you use and earn it.

Here’s another relatable example illustrating where health or dis-ease actually comes from:

Ever hear of a cigarette smoker living happy and up to 90+ years of age vs. someone who did all of the “healthy things” but died from poor health or another form of dis-ease early in their life?

Here’s yet another example, which I partook in and also observed from others too:

Ever hear a Vegan saying something along the lines that,

“Eating meat causes an Acidic body, haults ascension, lowers your vibration, makes you unconscious etc. etc.”

Well, it’s easy to give power to things outside of yourself, but this just doesn’t hold weight for one who takes FULL responsibility for their own vibration, condition, and circumstances in life.

To add, have you ever heard of when a Vegan or Vegetarian who hasn’t ate meat for years, and when all of a sudden they ate meat, they immediately got sick?

Well, if we have a basic understanding of the power of the subconscious mind and also understand the illusion of external causation, and apply it here, all of these mentioned examples would be like saying a blowing fan caused someone to have a stiff neck.

If you dug deeper, the oscillating fan actually had nothing to do with causing someone to have a stiff neck.

It was the individuals projected belief upon the fan that the fan would cause them a stiff neck, that manifested the stiff neck into their experience.

This same understanding applies to someone vomiting in the sight, smell, or thought of meat.

It’s not the meat making  people sick, it’s the person themselves doing that to themselves (commonly called Hypochondria).


So, when it comes down to it, the truth of the matter on how dis-ease or health is really caused is the big secret the medical industries don’t want us to know because the medical industry treats the sick.

Just think about it.

If they all of a sudden taught you how to actually be healthy, would they be in business any more?

To add, they can sell you something that “may” ward off the symptoms (and cause a lot more problems through additional symptoms) but in truth, (this has been an accepted, observed, and widely experienced fact in holistic healing for centuries) that the only thing that will ever cause, cure, or eliminate any dis-ease, is the person who’s creating it.

Side Note: Honestly, what more diabolical and efficient way to profit from people than by the medical industry selling us the solution for the non-existent problem the medical industry also created?

Anyway, in Quantum Physics, there isn’t a principle or force of coldness/darkness, there’s only a lack of heat/light. Likewise, dis-ease only means an absence of health.

Like I mentioned earlier, dis-ease can only exist in the individuals mind and through the medium of their emotions which becomes manifest through the physical body, which then and only then becomes an observable imbalance in their body (dis-ease).

You’ll learn more about how to cure and prevent any dis-ease in our holistic success courses.

So, from realizing and experiencing all of these powerful insights regarding real Health and true Nutrition, I firmly decided to take responsibility for my own health and determine what was best for myself vs. allowing others do that for me (mentioned later).

Through direct experience, I realized Veganism just wasn’t optimal for my mind set, values (mentioned later), or my body, especially if I wanted to build muscle and be as healthy as possible.

Before we go on, I have to mention about building muscle; this may be something you’ve experienced as well.

Have you ever brought up protein or building muscle to a Vegan, who then immediately presents to you something like this:


I agree with that infographic!

To an extent.

Remember what we learned earlier about bio-available protein and phytic acid?

Regarding the anti-nutrient phytic acid, the above infographic listing the Vegan sources of protein has more than 80% of high phytic acid containing foods.

Here’s an exaggeration that helps illustrate the important protein point here:

Regarding bio-available protein, there’s a HUGE and vital difference between getting 1000 grams of Vegan protein from seeds, nuts, or lentils vs. 70 quality grams of animal protein from fatty fish, eggs, or red meat.

Did you guess what it is?

Yes, there are a lot of Vegan protein sources available, but what’s the point of having lots of sources to eat if our body can’t readily use or digest what we’re eating?

To add, I’ve researched (and have directly experienced this with my sex drive) that Vegan protein isn’t even close to having near the the same testosterone, endocrine and positive hormonal effects as quality animal proteins does.

Side Note: Do you know what the endocrine system is also called?

The 7 chakras…


I found it interesting how eating organic, grass-fed animal based protein (which, besides fasting, nourishes our endocrine system more than any other food) is seen as “unconscious” by the Vegan Community…

Something just doesn’t add up.

Anyway, about Vegans showing non-Vegans Vegan bodybuilders…

Does showing Vegan Bodybuilders somehow imply that because of Veganism, that person is muscular and athletic?

Lol c’mon!

That’s like saying someone’s amazing at basketball because they’re 6’4 and black…

In reality, there’s many more factors that need to come into play here to really determine how strong someone is and looks including body type, metabolic type, genetic limit, environment, mental attitude, habits, consistent diet, and quality calorie intake vs. just basing it upon Veganism, which brings me to my next point:

9.) There’s No One-Size-Fits All; We’re All Unique Individuals With Different Needs

So again, regarding Dogma, doesn’t a one-size-fits-all diet or lifestyle for everyone to conform to seem a little absurd considering there’s more than 8 billion different people living on earth?

From here, I learned that true health doesn’t mean partaking in a trending diet and calling ourselves accomplished.

True health takes consistently developing a great relationship with our own mind/body and that’s why it may be a last option for some people.

It actually takes effort, research, and listening to our own intuition than to follow  what everyone else perceives as healthy/the supreme way of life which again, brings me to my next point:

10.) Animal Rights, Ethics & Morals, Good vs. Bad

Regarding right vs. wrong, here’s some examples showing the underlying understanding you’re about to learn:


Here’s another one:


Did you catch the principle?

If not, the principle is in effect when a person believes someone else causes someone stress, or someone else isn’t enabling you to live your passion, or someone else not enabling you to exercise, or be healthy in all ways.

It all comes down to you; ALL problems are of your own creation.


Power is within; or nowhere.

In other words, the savior you’re looking for, either it be in health, happiness, morals, the environment, or peace of mind isn’t to be found outside of yourself or your own doing.

Like I mentioned before, that just like a beautiful song doesn’t have only one note, if everyone believed in the same thing, that would defeat the purpose and unique beauty of life.


Regarding ethics, morals, and ideologies, Terence McKenna said:

“Too much we have lived in the light of the idea that your ideology will be dictated to you essentially by geography! And if you’re born in India, you’ll find out that the Cosmos is one way; if you’re born in Brooklyn, you find out it’s another way. What we need to do is transcend these localized grids of fate, which make us what we are but don’t want to be.”

Like him, I also think it’s easy to put all of the blame of our own problems and the world’s problems on one single thing, such as eating meat or creating intricate, analytical, neurotic, and perfectionist moral standards as to what we and others should abide by.

But, if we want to get to where we ALL want to be,


From this, I think this is a practical, desirable, and more relatable approach to actualize the change we all seek:

11.) You Have The Power To Support Causes You Believe In vs. Ridiculing Ones You Don’t

There’s nothing wrong about money. Money is neither good nor evil. It’s powerless within itself; it’s how it’s used that makes it powerful or harmful, good or evil. 

From this, it’s clear that many people still give external “forces” power and meaning such as a number sequence, an astrological alignment, money, or another “sign from the universe” and humans have been doing this since creation.

There’s nothing wrong with these symbols, but symbols are just that; we give meaning to them and symbols don’t exist without us.

Using this understanding and merging it with supporting causes we believe in, if we’re responsible enough to do so, our dollar has the power to create positive influence because in this society, our dollar speaks when our words may not.


Instead of having money use us, we humans have the power to consciously use it in our favor, for good.

In other words, instead of boycotting and wasting time, money, and energy on focusing on what you don’t want (and subconsciously attracting it into our experience because you’re fixating on it), you can and should actively and consistently support what you do want instead.

I know this because I’ve been doing it ever since I stopped being Vegan,

but there are many conscious, local, humane to the highest standards, and family run farms/organizations that do it right, close to how the Native Americans and our primal ancestors did it (they honored ALL food with deep reverence, especially animals because it was accepted and widely experienced that animals nourished them the most).

Now about the “humane” perspective of eating animal products that some Vegans immediately turn into an argument.

Here’s a grounded and respectful insight I received (that, for some reason, many Vegans didn’t like).

I’ll leave it to your own thinking whether it can offer you clarity:

This brings me to my next point:

12.) The Environment Isn’t Only Going Change Because of Veganism; What You See In The World Is What You See In Yourself

If you really want to save the world and create positive impact in it, the change you’re seeking outside of ourselves cannot happen, if it first isn’t within ourselves; this isn’t dogmatic eastern religion spiritual mumbo jumbo, this is observable Quantum Physics and Natural Law.

In other words,

How can Vegans succeed at the “change” they preach if a lot of them are condescending and give selective compassion to some, but not toward all?

This is a hard part to come to terms with because more people are on the well trodden road which makes it more likely to “relate” with others more comfortably; which is what I did.

But, the journey of self-discovery is one of aloneness, which is a reality many people don’t want, or aren’t strong enough to experience.

On another note, Heaven and hell literally is within the eyes of the one experiencing it.

One person may be living in the reality that the whole world may be against them, with chem trails killing everyone, believing Veganism is the only answer to life, and believing that World War 3 total annihilation is around the corner…

While another is indeed aware of the “bad” in the world, but they’re at peace within themselves (and the world) and they’re living their journey, attracting down right amazing experiences because they’re operating in this frequency and the world is simply reflecting it.

You don’t need to delude or limit yourself to still maintain peace of mind during opposition.

Your choice; it is done to you as you believe.

But, that’s why the world is the way it is.

Some people believe in what they don’t want more than what they do, and not only this, but some start thinking it’s okay to start believing for other people.

From what Earth (Gaia) whispered to me in the wind, she isn’t the one that needs saving…

People give too much power to illusory things (such as imaginary self-made problems that don’t actually exist outside of the person creating them) rather than doing their own inner work, and most if not all of the work that needs to be done in this world is inner work.

It’s easy to just cut meat out of our diets, slap the label of Veganism on our heads and on our social profiles and all of a sudden, have a sense of entitlement that we’re benefiting the world, and that anyone else who doesn’t do this easy route of inactive participation is seen as wrong, unconscious, or doesn’t care about the planet.

Lets get real with ourselves.

It’s easy to just stop eating certain things, sit back behind your phones talking a good game of how amazing you are and how much of the world you’re changing, but when it comes down to it, the people that act this way are those who will never be heard of outside of their neighborhood because they didn’t actively go out and practice what they preached.

Just do it and let your being and positive example do the talking.

This leads me to my last point:

13.) The “Do My Own Research, Make My Own Mistakes, Learn From My Own Experience” Diet Is The Best One To Follow

I’ve been Fruitarian, Vegetarian, Carnivorous, Breathanarian, Pescatarian, and Vegan (nearly all of the major trending diets).

Neither helped me find what I was looking for, empowered me, helped me save the planet, or helped me become healthier and more “spiritual” than others.

Believing in this notion of something like a diet making me all of a sudden “spiritual” or more healthy and aware hasn’t gotten me anywhere outside of the same place in which I started; nowhere, or more clearly, a place outside of myself that also separated me from others.

Yes, in a society that rewards conformity, it’s hard to pave your own path and it’s a lot easier to do what everyone else is doing and not question it inside and out to see if it’s actually best for us.

But, creating and walking our own path is kinda the point of life and true spirituality.

I strove to challenge my own beliefs that were no longer my own.

 I dared enough to think for myself and have my own inner voice be my guide. I gathered the strength to be willing enough to make my own mistakes and have to admit that I was wrong.

But, following my gut and creating my own path was rewarding in ways I cannot describe!


After quitting Veganism for good, I decided to think for myself, create, and ultimately live out my OWN truth; I haven’t felt more empowered, spiritual, and in my purpose since!

I realized that it wasn’t something outside of myself that would cause me to be healthier, change the world, or be the best person I could be… It was me.


When it comes to awakening our truth, I learned that “truth” is fluid like water and not rigid like a rock.

Everything changes and in the multiverse of infinite possibilities, nothing is set in stone nor should be.

To set my own life path “in stone” and be blindly mis-directed by an external force, diet, lifestyle, trend, or belief system was the furthest thing away from what spirituality meant to me.

I see now that I was supposed to go through this experience so I can actually KNOW for myself what was best for me vs. only think/intellectualize what served my path because I listened to others on what was best for me instead.

A test life gives to us that not many people pass, or even are willing to take, is to honor your own truth, especially in the face of adversity and the common beliefs of others because the key to true oneness is individuality, not conformity.

Like I mentioned before how bland, lifeless, and boring a song would sound if it only had one note,

my life became more musical once I started to compose my own masterpiece and embrace the notes of others rather than try to change them; because ultimately, we’re ALL a part of the same exact song, and the only responsibility we have is to master playing to our own tune.

This is how you reclaim your health, this is how you connect with each other, and this is how you save the world.

Power within, or nowhere.

Written and Published by Anthony

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  • Theimar ‘A

    AWESOME ARTICLE!!…provides the foundation for Life whereas you can build a beautiful existence… Thank you

  • Kristin Trent

    Plants cannot feel pain because they lack a nervous system. However they respond to stimuli such as light (for photosynthesis) and so reading that made me feel like the article is now not trustworthy source of information.

  • Solomon Potter

    I love your points, its a very debatable topic. Following our intuition and doing our own research has so much to do with our lifestyle and what we consume. I found research from ancient civilizations and cowspiracy that challenge everything in this article. If you haven’t seen cowspiracy or realize that cultures like ancient Egypt were in fact vegetarian, your research is incomplete. We must empty ourselves to all possibilities and be open to all perspectives so we can be filled with wisdom.

  • Thanks for commenting! Yes, I’m familiar with both.

    However, I also understand that just because an ‘ancient’ culture did a certain act, had a certain lifestyle, or believed a certain thing, does not denote its relevancy because it’s “ancient”.

    I can give many examples of ancient cultures partaking in acts (seen as truth and “the way of life” in their eyes) such as amputating their daughters clitoris, believing corn is God, or killing mass amounts of people due to deferring perspectives.

    Now, I bring all of this up because it’s just a different perspective… To debate a perspective with deferring “facts” is to forget the irrelevancy of fact compared to The Law of Relativity.

    Facts are subject to change, as facts themselves are theories until proven otherwise.

    Fact is an unstable basis to live off of.

    What I present has to do with the understanding that everyone has their own truth, because quite literally, they are the creator of what they perceive.

    This, I found to be Wisdom:

    The acceptance that, contrasted to infinity, you cannot know; you can only decide an experience.

  • Solomon Potter

    That’s beautiful, every individual does create what they perceive and I understand what you’re getting at. Like I did think at one point that veganism was more spiritual which was completely ego. Animal agriculture is the #1 environmental problem according to all the research from and other resources. Also if you have heard of Dr Debi, as well as many other great health enthusiasts, they agree that food should be our medicine. Another thing to debate about is the energy of what we consume. Especially when it comes to animal agriculture, the pain & fear is directly transferred into our DNA. Energy doesn’t lie. I’m just keeping an open mind

  • Reading what exactly? Becasue I could have missed something.

    But I understand plants don’t have a nervous system; plants ‘responding’ to pain is what was mentioned.

    I challenged the perception of if its “okay” to eat plants and not okay to eat animals because animals feel pain.

    The challenging perspective was that the ability to respond to pain is enough to clearly show a form of intelligence, that being the plant.

    So, the logic in avoidance of animals becasue they feel pain (but partaking in eating plants becasue they only “respond” to pain) doesn’t add up.

    But, people still believe and perceive what they choose, even if it’s clearly illogical and contradictory, and that’s okay becasue logic also doesn’t denote truth.

    Remember, this is just a different perspective.

    If it makes you uncomfortable or challenges you, I did my job.

  • The open mind and fresh perspectives are needed in society🙏

    Here’s what I also learned on my own experience with Veganism (and again, a lifestyle is supposed to be relative. When it starts becoming standardized, it stops being a lifestyle).

    Life can be seen as music. If everyone is playing the same note, it takes the beauty away from it.

    Yes, the over consumption is definitely a huge part, but that really has to do with the people consuming in an imbalanced way.

    It’s the people who need to improve, Earth and its inhabitants are fine and will always be.

    In nature (as a law) animals either go extinct or live on because they evolve (or don’t evolve) with their environment.

    It’s a paradox indeed, but humans shouldn’t wait for the environment to get better.

    We just need to adapt to it, knowing that this adaptation is what will create a healthier environment.

    What’s happening now and what’s perceived now is only a relative reflection of an individual’s consciousness.

    Lack consciousness thinks of Deforestations, animals dying, not enough money, food, water, or opportunity.

    And they definitely will see that and even create documentaries on it😑

    However, an abundance consciousness can be in the same time-space as the above (lack) conscious person, but still experience, quite literally, heaven on Earth, here, NOW, as things are.

  • Solomon Potter

    I see you brother 🙏 I definitely understand your perspective now. Unity consciousness already knows now is the only time to follow your heart and feel the abundance as the collective vibrates higher. I can’t deny that the way mass production of animal agriculture is of a low frequency and that meat is cancerous. Veganism is definitely a step in the right direction but not the whole truth, because all truths are only half truths. Raw, organic, straight from nature is high vibes and that’s how I fly with the breath of spirit. In harmony with all sentient beings and abundant with the resources gaia has provided. Returning to nature is returning to source. Peace & prosperity.

  • Kristin Trent

    I’m still puzzled. So plants have intelligence, but so do robots. They both can’t (so far) experience emotions which is what I feel makes life have substance. Emotion seems to be one of the driving forces of life, why the human species progresses as a race. If you have ever felt numb before (emotionally) you can actually lack sense of pain and matter. I don’t mean this as an attack i’m just trying to understand your stance better because it is very interesting.

  • Kristin Trent

    in conclusion, intelligence is not part of life that brings meaning, identity, and ultimately consciousness (like I said robots don’t have emotions) it is simply the ability to intake data and process it.

  • Kristin Trent

    also, another side note: plants are not responding to pain because that is an emotion. They are responding to stimuli that are not suitable for their adaptations.

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