Truly successful people (throughout all time periods, all walks of life, and in all ways) exercise this inner capacity in which failures do not; it is the capacity for immovable belief in themselves, their purpose, and what they’re capable of. You’ll now learn how to develop this exact capacity; this is, The Science of Self Belief.

The Science of

Self Belief:

The Lost Guide

Not Taught In School

the science of self belief

This Poem Summarizes The Power of Self Belief,

“I bargained with life for a penny,

and life would pay me no more.

However I begged at evening,

When I counted my scanty store.

For life is a just employer,

he gives you what you ask.

But once you have set the wages,

why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,

only to learn dismayed,

that any wage I had asked of Life,

Life would have willingly paid.”

Your Self Belief is the truth of yourself that you’ll eventually experience as your Life.

Let ^that hit you.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between victory or defeat, truth or a lie; it only unconditionally acts upon the thought impulses you consistently program it with (you’ll learn more about this later).

In other words, your personal beliefs should reach and grab the absolute best out of you (and nothing less) because being rich in all ways (a success that is holistic) comes to those who believe they are ready for what they seek and who also believe (through action, also mentioned later) they deserve to receive it.

Before you go on, it’ll help you if you review the 13 Proven Principles For Triumphant Living because it will give you a stronger foundation to understand what you’re about to learn.

Failure to recognize and act upon The Principles of Mind Dynamics I just mentioned is the starting point of most, if not all failures; it will benefit you if you contemplated the above basic understandings (which will allow you to experience your own realizations).

You’ll now receive an in-depth understanding of The Science of Self Belief and most importantly, how to apply it.

The Science of Self Belief & Failure:


You need to experience failure in order to experience success; success does not come despite of failure, it comes because of it.

In other words, your Self Belief (which you’ll learn how to strengthen and develop later in this post) should not be used to avoid failure, obstacles, temporary defeats, or anything outside of your comfort zone.

Instead, a healthy Self Belief acts more of a guide for you to experience failure, but to penetrate it; to seek out making mistakes, but to grow stronger because of it.

In fact, if you have a proper Self Belief, the amount of temporary defeats, comfort zone breaking experiences, and obstacles you’ll face will increase because you’re showing Life that you’re now strong enough to climb higher mountains.

Many people don’t realize how much the above types of rejection has to do with achievement; watch this video because it shows you how “just asking” will take you anywhere and why leveraging rejection will help you get there:

All in all, experiencing failures, adversity, sacrifices, and temporary doubts is the reality of the road of success some are not willing to travel on.

Note: I didn’t say the road “to” success, because that would wrongly imply that success is a destination rather than a constant journey.

Anyway, without an impenetrable belief (built upon principles of Truth), just even your first failure would be enough to stop you in your tracks and force you to call it quits.

This first failure (if you don’t have proper Self Belief) leaves most (who choose this route of mediocrity and weak mental discipline) with the unfulfilling and bitter taste of coming short of your true desires.

Strengthening your belief in yourself, your purpose and your goals (that you can live your purpose, that you will, and that you deserve to) is exactly what will help you persevere to realize it, especially when you experience the necessary obstacles put in your path that are intended to MAKE YOU STRONGER!


Belief is NOT just about thinking you can and will accomplish your highest goals…

Belief is also about setting your vision high, thinking big, dreaming big, planning big, and knowing that you can accomplish your greater vision, which in effect, can only be done after you break through the fear that you “can’t” or “don’t deserve to”.

All in all, applying The Art of Self Belief is the same as experiencing Personal Freedom.

And to experience Personal Freedom, you need to master fear.

But, many people don’t have the right idea when it comes to experiencing fear…

Rather, many people allow fear to limit their choices instead of using fear to empower them into courageous action.

Watch this video because it will offer you clarity on what fear really is and why it keeps so many people in mediocrity and a life of limitation:

Which brings me to my next point,

The Art of Self Belief & The Art of Thinking Big:

These two arts go hand in hand because you can have amazingly strong belief in yourself, but if you only believe you deserve mediocrity, then that kind of defeats the purpose of true Self Belief!

In other words, if you’re Self Belief is anything less than extraordinary, you won’t experience what you’re capable of and you certainly won’t experience what’s possible if you don’t have an “impossible” dream.

Here’s a thought experiment that’ll help you understand how to master these arts:

How did you learn the language you currently speak fluently in?

Did you just study and read about principles or did you immerse yourself in the experience of it, the culture of it, and put countless hours to practice it?

We both know the answer to that one.

You don’t really need to think twice about conversing with someone in your native language because it just happens naturally; this happens because you practiced it!

The principle I illustrated above is called The Power of Habit.

If you use the power of Self Belief correctly (and make it a habit) here’s what you can expect in your life:

Your consciousness will be so fixated upon, so immersed in the reality YOU TRULY DESIRE TO EXPERIENCE that you’ll soon see that all of a sudden “something” has lifted you to that point where you can now easily experience and accomplish that ideal of yours (that was once justq a thought).

The Power of Habit (persistence and practice), merged with applying The Magic of Thinking Big (summarized in the video below) will make you unstoppable:

It will also help you to understand that,

knowing the causes of things is what will enable you to experience the effects of those things.

In this case, understanding what Self Belief is, why it’s so powerful, why you must use it, and how to use it should be well established in your life before you start to think big, let alone before you start making any meaningful goals and plans to accomplish them.

I say Self Belief is the cause of your success because this strong inner conviction of your abilities will then cause you to think big, and thinking big will then cause you to create practical plans to realize your goal, which will then cause you to enthusiastically act upon your definite vision in a spirit of faith (Self Belief).

This video is 1 of 2 videos that are vitally important for your understanding of The Power of Habit:

Repetition is key for Self Belief (and experiencing the positive effects Self Belief creates) because who’s more powerful:

1.) Someone with immovable confidence in their definite vision who consistently believes they can realize it and is enthused to act upon it with persistence.


2.) Someone who doesn’t think big (nor believes they can achieve their vision) and who only believes they deserve mediocrity…


And this brings me to my next point,

Self Belief and Action Are THE SAME; Where One Is Absent, The Other Is Too.

Many people preach of their beliefs, many people express their beliefs, many people even go so far as to label themselves as a certain thing…

But from my experience, those who boast (say) they do the most, often do the least because everybody knows that your actions speak for themselves when words cannot, and you wouldn’t need to label yourself something if you truly embodied it and “walked the walk”.

All in all, true belief is about putting your thoughts into ACTION and doing so consistently, persistently, and faithfully because doesn’t it make sense that if you truly believed in something, wouldn’t you act upon it?

Action and habit are the same; you need one for the other to exist, and you need both to move forward.

Here’s video 2 of 2 that will add to your understanding of The Power of Self Belief and what it has to do with habits:

Using The Power of Self Belief really just has to do with habitually exercising clear thinking; which, believe it or not, not many people do.

You Were Born With The Potent Power To Think and Grow Rich; Use It Wisely.

I created a parable for The Power of Thought in my post that teaches you how to create a life purpose.

A sample from that post is that you were born with the power to take complete control over your own mind (your ship) and direct it in any way (any plan) and to any destination (any goal) you desire.

From experience (and choosing to no longer make the same mistake twice) I learned that many people don’t have a strong Self Belief (let alone a healthy one) because they simply weren’t taught how.

But, just because you weren’t raised right is no excuse to not raise yourself right.

Note: Reading, understanding, and applying the timeless wisdom within the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is not only an essential read on The MultiverseCity INDGO Network,

but it will eliminate the excuse of “not being taught” how to use Self Belief (and The 13 Principles of Success found in his book) to become holistically successful (rich in all ways) because this exact knowledge it’s now at your fingertips:

With sincerity I urge you to purchase Think and Grow Rich because it will be THE turning point in your life, especially when you apply it.

And for those who’ve already experienced Think and Grow Rich, remember that humans only retain about 10% of what they read for the first time, but retain 90% of what they DO; if you read that book and thoroughly studied it more than 10 times, then you’ll be able to say you understand it and truly have read it.

Now, back to “not being taught” The Science of Self Belief (or how to use it).

In my school vs. education post and my how to beat the schooling system post, I wrote more about how,

schools don’t teach students the power of their minds and how to direct it to THEIR passion (which is what a true education is supposed to accomplish).

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s many famously successful people saying the same thing:

You may have also experienced this yourself, but learning about the power of your mind and how to direct it to your true passion is not taught in school which, in my eyes, is already more than enough to invalidate the entire schooling system, but, you already know the truth about “the system”:

The “system” cannot run without those who use it.

In other words, it is not the system’s fault for it still being used, it’s the people’s fault for still using it.

However (as another observable fact) through the schooling system, students, as a general course it seems, are undeniably conditioned to listen to the authority, even if that authority is clearly unethical, biased, or obviously wrong.

This leads me to touching on,

The Outside Voice of Encouragement: Are Your Beliefs Your Own or From Someone Else?

This is a harsh observable truth, but if you’ve gone to school, have held a 9-5 job, and have lived in society (especially American society), every day you’ve been conditioned to rely on external motivation and external opportunities vs. creating your own instead.

Now, when I say you’ve been “conditioned” I’m not talking about some govermental mind control conspiracy…

In truth, every day your mind is conditioned with the media, content, and people you allow yourself to be surrounded by.

All in all, you are the only one responsible to shield your mind from these external influences that are not in your greatest benefit because you ARE your thoughts, so why allow anyone (haters) or anything (school/government/media) outside of yourself have control over them?

Has the outside voice spoken for you? Observe and ask yourself these questions:

Are YOU your greatest motivator or is something else (outside of yourself) living and thinking for you?

When things go wrong, as they often will, will you look outside of yourself to alleviate your panic or your pain?

Will you look outside of yourself to make you feel better?

Will you look to schools to educate you and to teach you how to succeed in life (even though, as a historically documented fact, schools are not intended to do this)?

Will you look outside of yourself to be saved from the challenges that seem like they’re too much to overcome?

This is where your Self Belief comes in of immense value (to those who actively develop it) because yes, Life does offer us these gifts, but like anything else, if your gifts, talents, or skills are not put in use, it becomes weak, atrophies, and if not used long enough, it dies.

Use it or lose it.

Here’s another video that shows how having a strong Self Belief is more of a common human right vs. something only a few people do:

Now, your Self Belief either has the potential to empower you to unspeakable heights of freedom and working with others in a spirit of harmony for a greater goal,

or if your belief was improperly built upon external influences just mentioned, those set of beliefs can literally enslave you on the treadmill of mediocrity.

Your choice, but it will also benefit you to realize that,

Your Mind Is NOT More Powerful Than You Think…

Everybody says, “Mind over matter! Your mind is more powerful than you think!”

But, this is only half true.

Your mind is so powerful, that it’s only as powerful as you think.

Contemplate ^that for a moment until you experience your own epiphany.

Now, I’ve learned the practical power of parables in helping to explain in-depth concepts in a simple way, so for the following section,

I’ll use a computer to help illustrate how your conscious and subconscious mind works:

Think of your mind as your own private computer that’s the most powerful computer in existence (which it is).

Like a typical computer, you have the ability to code it, debug it, and await the expected output (your experience).

A coder (you) has a set of code (positive or negative programs) they enter into the computer (your subconscious mind).

If the output isn’t as expected, you (the coder) will have to go back to the programs you entered, delete any faulty coding, and re-enter your input.

The coder doesn’t need to fixate or even have faith that the code will work.

They just enter the correct program and the computer will deliver, without fail.

The catch here is that your computer (subconscious mind) needs you to constantly program it with the codes (positive Self Talk) you want to experience; if you stop, it stops.

That’s exactly how your mind works and this video will share a new perspective that will add to the concept I just presented:

All in all, you really don’t need to put any more effort to positively program your subconscious mind and expect it’ll deliver the expected output (your experience) than you would need to focus on making the sun rise the next morning.

Note: In ^this single section alone, you’ve just received a greater understanding of The Power of Your Mind and The Power of Self Belief (that most people wouldn’t receive through 13+ years going to school).

Anyway, now that you have this essential (but rare) understanding (and hopefully your own realizations along the way) lets move on to the application of your new understanding.

The first step to applying The Power of Self Belief is to,

Experience and apply the wisdom in, “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” written by Shad Helmstetter.

From his book, you’ll learn that positive (or negative) Self Talk is literally THE root of all individual achievement (or failures) because this Self Talk is what creates your Self Belief.

Your Self Belief is what creates your Attitude,

your Attitude is what creates your Behavior,

and your Behavior is what creates your Experiences.

Here’s an overview of his book:

I’ll start off by sharing another excerpt taken from his book that beautifully illustrates why exercising your responsibility for having a proper Self Belief (and actively strengthening it through use) is absolutely essential to get you to where you’re destined to be:

“When I was young, I somehow got the impression that responsibility was a bad word. A lot of us had similar conditioning. We usually heard the word responsibility used in a way that was connected with somebody who was either doing something wrong, or wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do…

Who’s responsible for this? Was the usual adult question to the child when something got broken. When a teenager had done something wrong, or wasn’t living up to expectations, the typical admonition was why aren’t you more responsible?…

Somehow, the word responsible was never connected to good things; it was always used when things were going wrong…

Responsibility means something far beyond that – something much more important! Personal responsiblity is at the root of everything we think, do, conceive, fail at, or achieve in our lives. Personal responsiblity is the bedrock of all individual action…

Responsibility does not mean burden or duty. It is not the measure of our liability or our accountability: it is the basis of our individual determination to accept life and to fulfill ourselves within it.”

You are responsible to use responsibility wisely, and the best way to be responsible in this positive way is to actively strengthen your Self Belief.

The best way to actively strengthen your Self Belief is through positive Self Talk, and the best way to learn positive Self Talk is to apply his book!

Now that you developed that actionable understanding of what taking responsibility has to do with proper Self Belief and what proper Self Belief has to do with any meaningful or noteworthy Success,

The easiest way to apply Self Belief is to,

Live as if your Dream were already real.

How would you speak right now (what would your positive Self Talk be)?

What would your plan of action look like right now?

Who and what would we associate with right now if your Dream were already your everyday lifestyle?

Visualize ^that reality while I lead you to my next point,

To Be or Not To Be? You are a clean slate, all the time.


With certainty, I can tell you this much.

All limitation is learned.

A baby does not come from the womb filled with hate, insecurities, self doubt etc. because the environment (or external voice) is what sets that false reality in the babies subconscious mind.

And when it comes down it, a baby is pure; a clean slate, and so are you, especially if you listen to the voice of your inner child (your inner guide, your heart) and stop listening to the external voices mentioned above.

A clean slate means you have the ability to literally “program” what you want to experience and “program” the person you TRULY want to be, while (most importantly), deleting the negative programs of limitation that don’t give you the desired output.

I believe you reading this has the potential power to create a plan of action for an idea (it being your passion) that can benefit many lives and the world to come; acting upon your Self Belief will get you to this reality.

Remember, the change you seek has nothing to do with changing careers, earning more money, finding your soul mate, moving to your dream location, eating healthier, exercising more etc.

All change in your life is external; and all of these effects that you experience all sprout from one cause…

Self Belief.


I’ll end this experience with another excerpt by Shad Helmstetter from “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself“:

“The conditioning of daily living somehow convinces us that mankind’s greatest need, social survival, is also each person’s greatest achievement!

The result is that we slowly, unknowingly, change – not to achieve, but to survive, in a way that offers us acceptance of others. We get by. We do what we must. We do as well as we can, get along with others as well as possible, play our roles, do our jobs, put a little away for the future, and hope for the best…

The dreams we dream as children, we learn to no longer believe.”

Key: Know what you want, believe you can get it, and believe (through action and gratitude) that you already are (what children consider, dreaming because they literally live in the reality they desire most).

The infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind (what I considered a computer earlier in this experience) delivers to you (unconditionally and without fail) whatever you believe about yourself, others, the world, what you can and can’t do, and what you deserve to experience.

Listen to your inner child; believe in a limitless world of endless possibility, and one day, that world will become your life; only if you believe it to be.

Written and Published by Epiphany (stay involved in the movement! Follow me on Twitter @ynahpipE)

If you already signed up for our lifestyle creation blog updates and joined our INDGO Community, I invite you to comment below and share any limiting beliefs (either of your own or from someone else) that you’re now empowered to overcome; not only this, but I’d love to hear the positive programming (positive Self Talk) you’re replacing with it!

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