Here’s the facts on why our personal development platform empowers the people and is creating opportunities for a better tomorrow. (Hint: It has to do with creating your dream lifestyle, paving your own road, and being fulfilled, healthy, and successful because of it.)



the personal development platform for the people

The Humble Beginning.

It was clear.

I saw MultiverseCity through everything I did.

Because of this, I realized it was time to create something that changed… Everything.

MultiverseCity was present when I walked in my nearest grocery store and felt and also experienced exactly what the employees felt (full or part-time didn’t matter).

I knew, deep down, they didn’t want to be there and because of that, neither did I.

Through my own personal experience, I’ve learned that partaking in the 9-5 grind (and having no plans of getting out of it) is only a self-made excuse why we aren’t already living our dream.

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If we only knew how much further we’d get in the world if we learned and applied how to dedicate our full energy toward the manifestation of our undying passion instead of choosing to get by with a safe, bi-weekly paycheck…

Through this alone, society would now have more sustainable inventions and social innovations than ever before thought possible.

Steve jobs said a few of the most inspiring quotes in history that further illustrates what I mean,

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance… Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

He best illustrates my vision here:

Well said Steve.

We are the geniuses, the innovators, the individuals who create positive change for the rest of the world to experience; it’s time to treat ourselves and be treated that way.

MultiverseCity was also present when I drove down my Chicago hometown streets seeing kind, loving, and inherently intelligent people left and right.

But, some were homeless. Some had a street mentality. Even worse, some were doing things they weren’t passionate about.

If only more people knew what Napoleon Hill etched in his immortal classic, Think and Grow Rich that,

“There’s no such thing as poverty or riches, there’s only poverty thinking or rich thinking” homelessness, poverty, dead-end jobs, and unfulfilling lifestyles would become a thing of the past because of it.

I last saw MultiverseCity when I dropped out of a Big Ten University, rated the #1 party school at the time.

Before I go on, why is being the #1 party school even portrayed as a noteworthy achievement?

It’s not okay at all to glorify the consumption of one of the most powerful neurotoxins known to man (alcohol)Neither is it okay to hide the fact that (hops) found in beer is one of the most estrogenic plants in existence.

Insert man boobs, a beer belly, and a lack of personal initiative to direct your own life *here. 

I can say this because I used to be that exact person.

I used to care what people thought about my choices so much that I actually changed myself for their approval even for the sake of my own health, happiness, and well-being.

Insert consistently partying every weekend vs. developing and focusing on my true life goals *here.

I became tired of living this cycle, and for the first time ever, self-improvement was my main goal.

If you can relate, read on.

Knowledge Becomes Powerful Only If It’s Applied.

This is the exact reason why I dropped out; personal development became my number one priority and what I was learning in school wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to be in life.

Through creating a lifestyle I was proud of, I realized success wasn’t found in earning a $120,000+ piece of paper my parents paid for.

Rather, what changed everything for me was coming across this definition of success by Napoleon Hill,

“Success is the knowledge with which to get whatever you want from life without violating the rights of others, and by helping others to acquire it.”

He goes in depth here: (If we applied the self-knowledge in this video, we’d become unstoppable. Maybe that’s why it’s not taught in schools. Useful knowledge should not cost $30,000+ per year. Institutions that make us think this want our money more than our self-created success. The truth hurts sometimes.)

While realizing what success and education actually meant,

I also realized my own success wouldn’t be as meaningful or nearly as complete if I didn’t help others to do the same.

So, on May 13th, 2014 these exact realizations lead to the conception of MultiverseCity.

I Was Determined To Create A New Platform That Made People Successful.

Every single day, and I really do mean every single day since then, about 650 days or 15,600 hours to be annoyingly exact, opportunities for a better way of connecting, learning, creating, and living a better tomorrow was constantly seen everywhere I went.

You can see this vision on our Self Knowledge Directory, or my success tips for starving artists post.

All in all, MultiverseCity prevailed in the thoughts in my mind and the feelings in my heart especially before I went to sleep; the secret laboratory where all noteworthy achievement is created.

Pro Tip:

(If you go to bed with your desire, you will wake up with exactly what it takes to make it happen. This is an ancient principle every successful person applies whether they’re aware of it or not. This is none other than harnessing The Power of Your Subconscious Mind).

Anyway, since that exact day I was determined to make MultiverseCity happen.

This burning determination turned into an encompassing life’s purpose of making MultiverseCity one of the most valuable and influential personal development and self-knowledge platforms of all time.

MultiverseCity Is Built Upon The Foundation of Essential Life Lessons.

Hard work pays off. Smart work pays off when hard work got tired.

Through the now life long journey of creating MultiverseCity, I’m learning that if someone truly knows something, if someone truly believes in something, it would show through action and not only words.

It would show through achieving and not only portraying it on a public social media profile.

Words are easy to come by and they’re free.

Action takes undying determination, out of the box vision, immense strength, lucid creativity, self-sacrifice, and applied faith that our actions WILL indeed lead us to where we desire to be.

I’m also learning, that the establishment of authentic, meaningful, and loving connections is one of the most fulfilling and powerful experiences life has to offer.

For our continued development and as a species, and self improvement as individuals, experiences like this must be nurtured, authentically sought out, and respected.

They’re deep.

We can feel them.

They’re real.

Even though it’s frowned upon by society to portray in public, they’re nothing to be ashamed of.

The human species thrives because of social inter-connectivity and even though not physical, at first, this is exactly what the internet offers in abundance. These human elements aren’t just included in MultiverseCity, they’re what MultiverseCity is built upon.


in the next six years, we’re likely to see most of humanity connected to one another in some form of a mobile device,

then more people should set out to create new and USEFUL inventions built on one of the most used mediums in existence; our phones.

I also realized that,

Building A New Social Network “Alternative” to Facebook or Twitter Wasn’t Enough.

Making a general social network where everyone can connect on isn’t actually special or noteworthy.

Granted, at the time it probably was, but people are now desiring more while also realizing they deserve better.

Something that directly benefits people and improves their quality of life sounds more like it 😉


Creating A Job Board Network Like LinkedIn Wasn’t The Solution Either.

Including myself,

I knew most people on there didn’t even want the “professional careers” they created a profile for.

When it comes to making a living we either,

1.) Help someone else follow their dream (employment).


2.) Become dedicated in following our own (lifestyle creation).

Through all of this I realized,

“A tool is only as good or as bad as the intentions behind the one using it.”

Facebook and now Twitter are drifting away from once respected social networks, to becoming the world’s most widely used marketing platforms. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even need to show data to back this up.

Honestly, all you need to do is go on the social platform you currently use, pick your poison, and scroll through your feed.

Do you catch yourself scrolling past the abundance of annoying “native” ads?

Do you see posts on your feed that say,

“Netflix and chill,” that are painfully irrelevant to your goals?

If you do want the facts,

Insert selective user censorshipfraudulent paid reachirrelevant content shown in feeds, dishonoring user privacydirectly diminishing the social and mental health of it’s users, and misusing psychology & behavioral studies *here.

More on that later.

What’s worth paying extra attention to, (This is where millions, if not billions of dollars are collectively invested),

is called “Conversion Rate Optimization,” and how this data which can and should be used for good, is actually misused against us by these HUGE corporations.

In other words the,

“Get the most profit from our users using tested psychology and behavioral analytics because we don’t have any creative ways to monetize our platform or offer meaningful value to our users so we have to use outside advertisements and mind manipulation,”


This can be in the form of choosing specific colors to induce certain buying moods for certain age or gender demographics, to misusing timeless knowledge such as, Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion.

True marketing is about value and offering this value better than anyone around.

Marketing is NOT spending millions of dollars to manipulate us in using something we’d be much better without, better than anyone around.

If we look a little deeper, we would see that these HUGE corporations, disguised as social networks, need to invest this much money in using these mentioned techniques to cover up the fact that they actually… Don’t have any values to market.

I must emphasize, any tool, knowledge, or information is only as good or as bad as the intentions behind the one using it.

As mentioned before, if these techniques are ‘solely’ used to squeeze out as much profits from us as possible, then that’s obviously not good.

However, if this information is authentically used to motivate us in using or purchasing a product, service, or idea that not only undeniably offers us true lasting value but also improves individual quality of life, then that’s something way different.

To be fair, just like how cigarette labels say they,

“May cause cancer,”

it is “legally” up to us to make the final informed decision of what we want to use.

The Alarming Psychology Behind Current Social Platforms.

So, to further shed light on what’s actually happening in our brain regardless of intentions, conversion rate optimization, or catering these advertisement companies (disguised as social networks) to the desires of private investors,

ever wake up from sleep and like clockwork you immediately check your phone or your social feeds?

In the startup world, that’s called a habit loop, In the real world, that’s called muscle memory.

Regarding habit and muscle memory, we actually have the power to rewire our own Subconscious Mind (habit), in so doing the same for our central nervous system (muscle memory); this directly has the power to create any lifestyle we desire to experience.

Though, these same neural pathways that we can intentionally rewire for our benefit, are the same pathways that are strengthened every time we use these platforms that invest big money to keep us on them, called,

“Time on Site Optimization” to be specific.

This video goes more in depth on how current social networks change our brain chemistry:

It’s a proven and widely documented phenomena that The Mind and specifically, one’s hair is an antenna of thought vibrations. Remember this next time you go to the barber.

In my foundational success tips post, I go more in depth on these topics and further illustrate how this self knowledge directly benefits us.

But, I’ll offer an example now on it’s importance:

We need to literally “tune in” and focus our mind on what we desire to experience vs. giving our attention to things that don’t serve our Definite Purpose.

Giving our attention to anything, no matter how significant or insignificant that doesn’t serve our Strongest Self such as distracting ourselves with irrelevant and uninspiring social media content is called:

Entertainment: To hold the attention of by diverting the mind.

Here’s a respected quote that sheds clarity on what I mean,

“Any knowledge gained that does not support one’s Definite Purpose in life is ultimately useless knowledge that has no room in one’s mind.” – Napoleon Hill

Irrelevant posts like “Netflix and chill”, the latest celebrity gossip, or a bombardment of advertisements widely present in current social networks falls under this category of “useless knowledge” or Entertainment.

My point is, if information doesn’t directly help us live the dream lifestyle we envision, why bother filling our mind with it when we browse our social network feed, watch TV, or drift through a two hour college lecture?

On INDGO, our Conscious Social Network,

the only information/knowledge that shows is the exact personal development information (Self Knowledge) on how we can ALL create the lifestyle we dream of, shared from our Co-Creator Community who’s own knowledge and creativity is waiting to be applied and respected.

More on that later.

Censorship Predictions Happening Today.

It’s a widely known, experienced, and historical fact that any legacy, empire, or in this case, (social networks that combined, have well over a billion active monthly users), that are not built upon the foundation of truth, justice, harmony, and respect for all, is destined to fall before it has begun.

We don’t even need to fight it. Just sit back and watch. History clearly repeats itself.

All I know is when the voice of humanity is controlled by any hierarchial group that thinks they can silence our voice in any way shape or form,

it’s time for a drastic transfer of power back to the people.

Yes, history repeats and it’s been repeating for quite some time through social network censorship.

Even though censorship is something to not take lightly, what’s happening isn’t just censorship.

We Now Have To Pay To Reach A Greater Audience.

We shouldn’t have to pay to have our voice or service heard or experienced.

Social reach should be done authentically and with substance over a topic that has naturally gotten viral recognition.

What happened to the days when content got viral because it was simply good content vs. because someone bid for the highest ad space?

These two quotes put all of this into perspective,

“We either succeed or fail. The work for both was the same.”

“If we’re not growing we’re going back, the work for both was the same.”

In relation to old or new social networks, if they’re not directly for the people, they’re against them. This historical fact is something more people will experience as time goes by. I must mention this again,

“Anything not built upon the foundation of truth, justice, harmony, and respect for all, is destined to fall before it has begun.”

So, for anyone else desiring to invent a new social network, this is THE best time to do it.

Enough talking about the widely experienced shortcomings these social, now marketing platforms don’t seem to plan on changing anytime soon because,

“What we focus on grows”.

Here’s the facts on how MultiverseCity creates opportunities for lifestyle creation and meaningful artistic expression where there weren’t any found in school, a dead-end job, or your favorite social network:

I Knew A Personal Development Platform Was The Answer We Were Waiting For.

MultiverseCity is a movement that propels personal and societal innovation forward.

Remember the Steve Jobs video a little earlier? We must realize that WE change things. WE create new ways of living. MultiverseCity’s community platform empowers US, the Geniuses, Dreamers, 9-5ers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists of the World to co-create, innovate, and express a conscious and prosperous lifestyle.

You can learn more about MultiverseCity here.

We aren’t backed by private investors who only have their best interests in mind.

We’re backed by the support of a conscious community who desire to experience the most authentic and well rounded life we can consciously create together. Period.

We don’t censor trending topics just because they’re controversial or frowned upon.

In fact, if we’re living a free-thinking, healthy, and self-created lifestyle we enjoy, we’re already controversial and frowned upon by the system.

Since we didn’t create any room on MultiverseCity for any of these techniques found in mainstream social network corporations,

we had A LOT of room to develop authentic lasting value catered to the betterment of the lives of our users.

Actually, that’s all we focus on.

If you ever dreamed of changing the world, you had that desire for a reason. You had that desire because it was possible. MultiverseCity empowers ALL of us to transform this desire into a legacy.

On our end, we were inspired to create our own dream lifestyle when we realized that life is much more than accepted cycles of mediocrity.

We realized our college schooling and 9-5 jobs only held as much value as we gave them. We didn’t want to be told what, when, where, or how to learn, we didn’t want corporate careers, and we didn’t want a bi-weekly paycheck; we wanted to be successful instead.

It’s time to support platforms that are dedicated to the meaningful, holistic, and lasting success of the people using them.

If you agree, you can join MultiverseCity here.

The platform conducive to learning, is the platform that enables people to teach.

We’re not only re-defining expression through our new social network or Community Marketplace,

but we’re also re-inventing education by developing a safe space where all of this useful, time-tested Self-Knowledge or, “Education of Success” can be in one place.

This enables us to teach each other while also applying this self-knowledge to create our own lifestyles.

The data is clear that children learn better when they learn in order to teach someone else than when they learn in order to take a test. Learning to teach someone else is pro-social and relies on the social networks of the brain.”

In this post about school vs. education, I go more in-depth illustrating the vital, yet hidden differences between schooling and a true education and I further illustrate how MultiverseCity undeniably benefits those who utilize this new education platform (you).

Before I go on, I need to make this clear that if you feel you indeed are taught how to succeed in school, if you feel every class you ‘have’ to take benefits the lifestyle you envision, and if you feel learning stops when you receive your degree, then you won’t benefit from MultiverseCity.

However, if you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people that desire to learn exactly what it takes to make their dream a reality and to do it on your own terms, there’s now a solution that satisfies and exceeds this widespread need of an accessible, quality education while also delivering the direct means for lifestyle creation.

History illustrates, the people that change the way we do things actually have less and less formal schooling.

This shows that schooling is not the cause of success; education is.

The fact is, these legends of humanity knew what they wanted and they learned & applied exactly what it took to make it happen; the definition of true education.

Like I mentioned before, I’ll also have future posts and comprehensive resources catered to our community including a step-by-step guide on how to drop the 9-5 and standardized schooling for good and have the the 4-hour work week that Tim Ferris coined.

If you desire to experience the heights of what’s possible and you want these resources right when they become available, join our Co-Creator Community at the end of this post.

Because when it comes down to it, MultiverseCity is about bringing together the BEST resources, services, ideas, knowledge, and people in one place, in so doing making this widely needed community resource available for the rest of the world.

Our Success should be our resume. Our Success should be our degree; NOT a piece of paper.

We don’t rate you because of your GPA, standardized test score, or income bracket. There’s no need to take out nor spend years paying off high interest loan(s). There’s no “acceptance” process here; you’re not a number.

You’re a powerful human being and you deserve to be treated as one.

The Solution To True Lifestyle Creation

So, you made it this far.

It’s clear, that the only way you’re reading this is 1 of 2 reasons.

1.) You cheated, were impatient, and are known to be a “skimmer” so you scrolled all the way to the bottom before you even read the post!

2.) Your subconscious mind brought you here.

Did you know that the desire/belief you fixate upon, if a burning one, is planted in your subconscious mind, which then brings to you the exact circumstances for you to experience that desire?

If you’re the person in #2, you’re literally experiencing the power of your subconscious mind as you read this.

Now, as for the solution to true lifestyle creation.

Sign up below and you’ll instantly receive what is commonly termed, “The Business of The 21st Century”.

In this free PDF (which is for serious entrepreneurs only), you’ll learn exactly how MultiverseCity is merging “Network Marketing” with “Holistic Personal Development” and you’ll learn exactly why you won’t want to miss out on this movement only available for our Co-Creator Community.

If ^this sounds “salesy” to you… It’s not.

I don’t know how else I can convey with sincerity and urgency the power in this opportunity, but, I’m willing to bet my reputation that you won’t regret what you’re about to learn.

If you’re still hesitant, let’s get real for a moment.

If, like most people, and like the person I was before I started to apply what you’re about to learn, the greatest thing I had to look forward to in my life was my next paycheck…

I’m going to tell you right now, that if ^that sounds like you, and you have no greater aim in life, you already sold your freedom to something that doesn’t actually exist (climbing the ladder to run in the rat race while your passion is collecting dust next to your college degree that your your family  might’ve gone in debt to receive).

If it sounds harsh, well, the truth can be like that sometimes, but, we can’t dwell on it.

We now have a choice, and this graph may help you decide which part of the quadrant you want to live in the rest of your life (hint: you want to get and stay in the right side):


We already know there’s no such thing as job security anymore (actually, there never was; more and more people are just realizing it.)

We know that (E)mployees have a job.

We know the (S)elf-employed own a job.

But, in reality, neither lead anywhere outside of the rat race and neither ever lead to true security, ethical wealth building opportunities, or financial freedom.

So… What do you do?

What’s the solution to true Lifestyle Creation?

Because honestly, what good is making lots of money (in quantity and in how it’s earned) if we aren’t healthy, aren’t fulfilled, aren’t living our passion, or if we don’t have anyone in our lives to share it with?

This missing element to the business model I’m talking about is found in holistic personal development. If you merge these two elements together in the way we discovered…

Well… You’ll just have to see for yourself what we have in mind for you.


We’re just like you.

Instead of ‘talking’ about the change we wanted to see, we created it.

MultiverseCity’s personal development platform is about making a firm promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to live the lifestyle you desire.

(You’re on the right track if it gives you chills when you think about it.)

To end, I feel it’s right to share one of my tweets no longer available to the public (for whatever odd reason):

“A successful Self-Created Lifestyle is frowned upon by The System. Why? Because someone might be artistic enough to change it.”

MultiverseCity is for YOU. The dreamer artistic enough to change… Everything.

If you agree, it’s time to dream with your eyes open.

Written and Published by Anthony

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If you already signed up for our lifestyle creation updates and joined our INDGO Community, I invite you to comment below and share how you’re going to use MultiverseCity to create a better lifestyle, and how you’re going to use it to create a better tomorrow.

MultiverseCity Is Becoming, "The Business of The 21st Century" (Don't Miss Learning This)

Sign up below to learn what MultiverseCity is doing differently with the "4 Cashflow Quadrants" that's enabling our INDGOs (you) to truly pursue your passion and prosper in the 21st Century... And beyond.

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