MCM© Origin story

Origin story

Today it is getting harder and harder to be an individual and not step on any toes while trying to express our own individuality. The majority of us are good people with kind hearts, but social media platforms, the internet, independently owned corporations, and the mass media have all become cesspools of bigotry and hate. We see the light within people and respect the primal need to express oneself within a community. If it is going to take Super Heroes to make sure that we can all make mistakes, learn from them, while not being shamed or punished – I guess we heard that call. 

We are here to help you become the best person possible.  Once you are a member you truly are a Super Hero and you’ll have the support of a community that cares. MCM© Super Heroes will protect your right to engage and not fear saying what is on your mind or in your heart. We have a great sense of humor and believe comedy and comedians are just that – comedians. We believe everyone from your local bus driver to your insurance salesperson are all real Super Heroes. We also believe that if they have a side hustle or like to post to their own group, nobody has the right to demonetize or silence that person. 

The MCM© Multiverse is here to provide every citizen of our Universe the ability to be an individual, we leave judgment at the door before we all step through and enter the MCM© Multiverse as Super Heroes.

MCM© Is Calling

Come and join a unique community of like-minded individuals. This growing community of real-world Super Heroes are here to be a positive influence on you. Take your Super Powers and learn how to monetize them, or donate time within the community. Create videos that inspire others. 

Additional Incentives

Every member will be awarded $UPR COIN when they sign up for a lifetime membership.  These coins will only increase in value as more heroes sign up. Along with $UPR COINS, Super Heroes have access to the Super Social Network. It is FaceBook© without all the restrictions or limitations. We are a growing community and we’re always happy to see new Super Heroes. Lots more to come and we are excited about MCM©’s future -you should be too!

MCM© $UPR Coin

MCM© Super Social