MCM© Multiverse ecosystem

MCM© Is A Community

MCM© is not only another Internet platform, it has all the best features that your favorite platforms have and more. Starting with our own Cryptocurrency called $UPR COIN. The more people using it, the more value it will hold. Every Super Hero is awarded $UPR COINS with their lifetime membership. $UPR COIN will be used within the MCM© Multiverse for transactions, along with being able to trade our coin within the MCM© Super Exchange (Coming Soon).

The MCM© Multiverse also has its very own Social Platform that is exclusively for  MCM© Super Heroes. You’ll have easy access to other Super Heroes as well as being able to engage and create groups. You’ll have access to a messaging system that will keep you informed and able to engage with all members. As we grow, so will the people you are exposed to. This means that you can develop a strong social presence and use it as a vehicle to promote your channels and monetize your Super Powers. All this and you’ll have a gang of Super Heroes ready to help! Sign up today and you’ll also benefit from full media access and an ability to brand yourself and your Super Powers.

MCM© Vendor License

Every MCM© Super Hero has access to their very own shop. These Super Hero shops will allow you to sell whatever your Super Powers allow. Once your shop is created, you can load it with items that suit your brand. You can even use your MCM© Super Hero video channel to help promote your services, products, or even your ideas. You'll have a lifetime vendors license that allows you full access to every tool we have and a supportive Super Hero community.
You'll also have full access to the MCM© TV and Entertainment channels. In fact, you'll have your very own channel that can be connected to current YouTube© channels as well as any other video channels. You'll be able to upload your own videos and never worry about self-editing again. As our channels become more popular, we'll be bringing in advertisers so that creators can implement systems of monetization. Unlike other platforms, we will not be editing or penalizing channels that are use freedom of speech and expression to the fullest. As MCM© Super Heroes we are not afraid of words and we will always protect your right to express yourself , respectfully. You'll be free to use this as another tool to focus your Super Powers on. Used responsibly, the possibilities are endless.

Do you have what it takes?

Join the MCM© Multiverse today and let’s start your Super Hero journey together. You’ll find a supportive community that is here to help you succeed. Are you ready to walk through that door and enter the MCM© Multiverse, while becoming that Super Hero that was always within your heart?

MCM© Super Heroes are people just like you

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MCM© Ecosystem Details

The MCM© Ecosystem has been designed to provide the services of three or four different platforms all in one. Designed around the idea of a free community that stands up and provides the world a service by speaking their truth. The world needed Super Heroes and the members of the MCM© Multiverse heard the call. Look at some of the benefits that our members enjoy.