In school, you weren’t taught (or tested) how to succeed in real life… Your holistic success IQ will change that:

School teaches you to be an employee… MultiverseCity educates you to live your dream.


1.) Self Knowledge IQ

2.) Financial Freedom IQ

3.) Passion Platform IQ

True education is about filling your mind with self-knowledge that empowers you; holistic success is when you apply this knowledge to propel your purpose. You no longer need to memorize the minimum requirements of what it takes to pass an irrelevant exam that you not only didn’t care to take, but that won’t get you to where you truly want to be in Life; that’s not education, that’s just a waste of time.

Instead, the Holistic Success IQ is divided into 3 different categories, with 10 questions each.

Unlike a standardized education, you will not be penalized for answering “wrongly” because the results you receive illustrates what a holistically successful person generally would know, believe in, tend to do, and has already established in their life. However, answering honestly and not allowing yourself to be closed to the answer you do receive will only benefit you along this journey.

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