The MCM© Multiverse

Discover Your Super Powers

The MCM© Multiverse is a full-fledged entertainment network that includes all things MCM©.  All MCM© Super Heroes have access to their own Super Hero video channel, the exclusive MCM© Super Hero Social Network,  and their very own MCM© Vendors License where they can monetize their Super Powers. Full support from a like-minded community of MCM© Super Heroes that are here to help you develop your skills and become the Super Hero you always knew you were. 

MCM© Super Heroes

MCM© Super Heroes are people just like you. Every person is born with a talent. The MCM© Multiverse gives you the ability to hone that talent and make it a Super Power.

MCM© SUper Powers

We are all born with individual talents. In the MCM© Multiverse, we consider those talents Super Powers. We're here to help you learn more about how to use those Super Powers.

MCM© Community

When you join the MCM© Multiverse and become a member for life, you'll always have the support of other MCM© Super Heroes. Create, engage, and become part of our community.


MCM© has created its own cryptocurrency called $UPR COIN©. This currency can be invested in and used through the entire MCM© Multiverse.


All MCM© Super Heroes receive a lifetime channel with their membership. All channels will work with current YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


All MCM© Super Heroes are socially connected using our exclusive social media platform. It is the new Facebook for all Super Heroes.

MCM© Super Hero Oath

The MCM© Multiverse is a place that respects your right to express your truth. As long as while doing so, you always have respect for others and act with intelligence, always. The MCM© Multiverse is based on FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF INDIVIDUAL  EXPRESSION.  You will not be edited or ever told what to say, we will protect your right to express your opinions and truths freely.

Sometimes we do not all agree and that is more than OK. Just because we do not agree, does not mean that we cannot respectfully communicate our ideas without using hate or becoming emotional. MCM© Super Heroes know that every person has their own individual journey or origin story. We are here to listen inventively, speak intelligently, and respect all  other’s journeys  and where they are at.  A Super Hero knows that leading with respect opens more doors in the Multiverse.

MCM© considers these actions weaknesses. We believe all our Super Heroes can represent how to treat others. If you wish to be a keyboard champion and hide behind cowardice, while slinging hatefulness at others, you will be banned permanently. Treat others as you’d treat your favourite Super Hero,or how you’d like to be treated. Hate is never a truth, it is a reaction of ignorance. We build moral Super Heroes that understand the values of this concept here in the  Multiverse.

The MCM© Multiverse is filled with Super Heroes that have individual talents. These are the types of talents we are all born with, except in the Multiverse, these become Super Powers. Working together as a larger community we will make sure you have all the support you need and the ability to refine and grow those Super Powers. You’ll have the ability to monetize your Super Powers and help others learn from your success. MCM© Super Heroes are always working diligently to become the best Super Hero they can. With a Multiverse of Super Heroes to support you, you will never be alone in the fight!

One of the most respected Super Powers in the Multiverse is the ability to communicate  with  other individuals intelligently. This means responding with thought, not emotion. The only way that a Super Hero is hurt by words is when they are weak in intellect. Instead of being afraid and hiding in a “triggered” state, the MCM© Multiverse encourages Super Heroes to develop communication Super Powers using the power of the mind. Mindfulness and thoughtfulness will allow you to express yourself freely, without the need to reduce a conversation to an emotional state. The  MCM© and all its Super Heroes will stand behind you and make sure as you develop these Super Powers, you can use them freely without fear of demonetization or being socially cancelled. 

With a masterful control over their emotions and an artful mindfulness toward the respect of others, MCM© Super Heroes understand that nobody has the ability to trigger oneself – except for oneself. By making this a mindful Super Power the MCM© Super Heroes  have the ability to help other and peacefully engage with intellect and heart.

Be that Super Hero that you’d look up to when you were a child. Lead with your heart and know that you always have a community of support, one step behind you. MCM© Super Heroes defend the rights of our members and we all represent a better way to build a community.

The MCM©  Multiverse has no affiliation to any religion or political association. We stand for your freedom to express and speak your mind as a human being and Super Hero. We are here to help our Super Heroes express themselves without the fear of demonetization or bigoted responses that are based upon emotion, rather than logic. We will not be waived by political or religious agendas, though we stand up for your right to associate and freely express why you may hold such beliefs. The MCM© wants each Super Hero to be true to themselves and grow from that point. We are here to offer a Multiverse of opportunities, while always protecting your freedoms – that’s why we’re called Super Heroes!

The MCM©  Multiverse has the ability to unite like minded Super Heroes and take the power away from those that would rather you be silent. The ability to express one’s self in a primal and native right to life. Those that are allowing others to silence individuals are the enemy of our freedoms. By becoming an MCM© Super Hero, you’ll stand shoulder to shoulder and defend the rights that are slowly being eroded by evil. Together, we’ll be the Super Heroes that provide the next generation with the freest form of community known on the internet. Become an MCM©Super Hero today! 

MCM© Membership


MCM© Members are known as Super Heroes. Membership is for life and gives you access to your very own store and MCM© Vendor license. You’ll be able to open your own store and put in as many products as you like. MCM© Super Heroes also have access to their very own channel, which they can connect to existing video channels and get even more exposure. MCM© will not edit or require you to edit your videos. As long as they are directed at the right audience (Not Children) and follow the MCM© Super Hero Oath, you are free to express yourself.  You’ll also get exclusive access to our social media platform,  and every member is awarded $UPR COIN with their membership. This cryptocurrency can be used within the Multiverse and eventually to buy other forms of crypto as well!